Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Friday - It's The Little Things - 03.28.2014

I gotta tell you,  every single spring season, I get this itch to de-clutter, live simply, and change the family nutrition to an organic and natural one.  I exercise profusely and read Zen Habits on the daily. I also take a long, hard look at my finances and become nearly obsessed with budgeting and saving and planning for a rainy day.  It's weird.  What is it with spring?  In the summer I start regressing and over spend (you'd thing that would happen in the winter).  By Fall, I'm feeling guilty from the summer binge and I'm back to trying to find a middle ground.  This happens to me every.single.year.  But, one thing I have to say for sure, is that I always feel my very best in the spring.  I feel healthier, happier and ready for a fresh, clean start in every aspect of my existence.  I can wish spring lasted year round... OR I can consciously make an effort to ensure that it "does" and just stick to the spring frame of mind throughout.  For my family, for our daughter, for myself.  I've got to make the positive changes... permanent. What am I doing currently?  I joined the gym about a month ago and have been going at least 5 days a week. I've been scouring the organic foods at the grocery store and have incorporated a lot more fruit into mine and lil' S's diet.  She LOVES fruits by the way! I am so relieved because I know not all kids embrace them.  Plus, she can drink water all day long! Also, something I'm super thankful for. I've also been dying to go through the house and de-clutter.  Maybe a garage sale is in order?? Ugh. I hate doing garage sales though. Hmnnn... I need to think about that one.

If you're in the Tampa Bay area and you're looking to do some de-cluttering of your own... our Woman's Club is conducting its annual new member project and we are collecting prom dresses and accessories and shoes for the girls of a local high school.  If you'd like to donate, please drop off your donations at Why Not Boutique in South Tampa. : ) You might even end up shopping while you're there! Cute cute shop! I hope you can help out!!

So. Tell me.  What are you working on?

Here are some links to inspire you this weekend!

  1. Here are some vegan recipes to drool over.  Nope. Not turning vegan.  But, I love vegetarian alternatives and incorporate them into my diet all the time.  We're not meat eaters at home.  But, it's just a way of life... we don't try to be vegetarian.  We just kinda are. But, not 100%.  We'll eat everything available at a bbq. Not gonna lie. 
  2. And I'm obsessing over the rainbow colors bookcase in this house tour!
  3. I'm pretty sure I should study this tutorial, because lil' S has been sporting uneven bangs for a while now. Thank goodness for curly hair!
  4. I am totally into carrying around inspiration notebooks.  I LOVE this idea!
  5. OMG this home tour.


Edwina said...

You made me smile with this post. Always great to discover someone else who thinks Leo (Zen Habits) is a daily asset to our lives.

themilaproject said...

Great blog! I really enjoy reading it :)